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To keep you fully informed, to make sure you do not miss any special promotions and to ensure you are the first to know about new advertising media developed by the Ambient Media Team – that is what the Ambient Media News is there for. So it is always worth taking a look at it every so often.

New: Advertising in “the pocket newsstand”

The new advertising space on the Lufthansa eJournals home page

Lufthansa provides its passengers with over 300 newspapers and magazines across various languages and genres in the form of a free eJournals download before they travel.

Make the most of a completely new advertising space in this popular medium: Secure an exclusive eye-catcher for your brand by placing a banner in the eJournals online/mobile portal – always visible, irrespective of the user device.

Benefit from the rising popularity, enormous reach and high profile. Secure this attractive advertising space today – and your brand will accompany all Lufthansa passengers on their travels from May 2017.

You can get all the details here.